Earth data

Global Sunrise & Sunset Data:

Description: Global pixel level, daily data of the sunrise and sunset time from year 1700 to present.

Python code: Modify the Python code to scrape the data in any location and any period.

Stata code: Modify the Stata code to clean above scraped data.

SourceU.S. Navel Observatory

PaperNutrition, Labor Supply, and Productivity: Evidence from Ramadan in Indonesia


Global Temperature Data:


Description: Global pixel level, daily data of the average, minimum, maximum temperature from 1979 to present.

Python code: Modify the Python code to transfer the original NetCDF format data to CSV.

Stata code: Modify the Stata code to merge and clean above CSV data.

Source: Climate Prediction Center Global Temperature Time Series



Internet data

Google Search Index Data:

Description: Monthly to minutely, country to city level data of search index of selected keywords in all countries from 2004 to latest date.

Python code: Modify the Python code to scrape the search index of any keyword in any region in any time from 2004.

Source: Google trends

Note: The search index data could be used to predict latest trends or as outcome variables to measure intention. Daily, hourly, minutely level data only available in past 90 days, past 7 days, and past 4 hours, respectively



Nation data

Finland municipality data:

Description: Annual, municipal level data of health, crimes, socio-economic outcomes, and so on in 305 Finnish municipalities from 1990 to 2018.

Data: Please ask via email.

PaperThe Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Health, Crimes, and Socio-economic Outcomes